• Why do you cry so much?
    Even the stars can not seem to comfort you
    you weep in sorrow as you watch us.
    Do you cry because of us?
    Forgive us Tsukuyomi

    You watch as we commit horrible crimes
    even when we know you are there we still act out.
    they think of you as no one
    yet you still have a heart.
    Please forgive us Tsukuyomi.

    Your gentle light touches everything
    yet even the flowers won't open up to you
    and the firflies beat away your light.
    We hear you crying but we do not look up.
    Please forgive us Tsukuyomi.

    Are we frightening to you?
    Is that why you shrink away into darkness?
    Little by little your light dissapears from out blind eyes.
    Are we that hideous?
    Please come back Tsukuyomi