• Broken Bond

    Darkness set as sharp as blade
    The gloves are off, the gauntlets laid
    With wicked tongue I am betrayed
    By you, my most dearest friend.
    Oh how the good have sunk so low
    Years of friendship, nothing to show
    Such a stupid thing to let go -
    We're fools to let it end.

    As we stand, our smiles belie
    The tears that stain our cheeks now dry
    A bitter growl our battlecry,
    And as one we dance again.
    But soon we fell upon the ground,
    Our blood in crimson pools surround,
    Our labored breaths the only sound -
    Too late to make amends.

    Why's it that we never see
    Until they pass, mistakes that be?
    Perhaps in another life, we
    Can forgive each other yet.
    Broken armor in pieces shift,
    Lungs burning with strain, heavy, I lift
    A hand in parting - death comes swift
    With neither pity nor regret.