• it's like im in a hollow black hole getting sucked in lies,i cant find my way out im
    traped inside,i think im going insane i cant eat or sleep im hearing voices calling me, i cant make them stop! im praying to the lord but it just wont stop,imlonesome at school it's nobody to talk i just wish i could be in somebody's new shoes,i can't listen in class the voices r comeing back! im getting an headache i think im going to faint,i come home my mom and dad are fighting theres no food to eat ,my babysisster is crying, im confused i cant take it anymore it's to many lies, i just wanna die, man why do i have this sorta life,im bout to get a knife,then i come to sister and look in her tear stainded eyes and see the beautifullness of her blue tiny eyes,and thin i start to cry and say i love you and im not letting u out of my site and imma do anything i have to,to keep u smiling by my side.My parents hear me then they smile and say "honey im sorry me and your dad r fightin,i wish we could stop and have a simple life ,and i love you guys dearly your my life and we'll be together for eternal life.then in a sudden it's dark i hear screams around me im driipin' sweat my hair damb and i open my eyes im tear swept and then i look at my clock it's 5:45 ,wow it was just a dream