• Loneliness is being stuck in Darkness
    Being able to see the Light
    Just not able to reach it
    And when you get close
    To the Light
    It blinds you
    And you look away
    Just in time to see the smoke
    About to surround you
    So you run
    Toward the Light
    Then all of a sudden you run into a wall
    And the smoke pulls you back
    Into the Darkness
    You see the Light fade away
    As the Darkness swallows you
    And then the smoke disappears
    All you can see is Darkness
    You walk aimlessly toward the way you think the Light is
    And you see something you did not expect
    It is a picture of the faces that have come and gone
    Throughout your life
    One face stands out from the rest
    It is one of a person who helped you enter the Light
    So long ago
    As you stare into there face all your Loneliness disappears
    A tear runs down your face and as it falls
    Light surrounds you
    and the picture turns into the person
    Who helped you find the door to the Light so long ago