• Fairytales are for little girls.

    But do you remember when you were that little girl?
    You know, that one who wanted to find her Prince Charming?
    Just like Cinderella?

    Do you remember how you would pretend you actually had him?
    Pretend like he was actually there.

    ...Do you remember when life was easier?
    You know, when boys still had cooties?

    If pretending is all I'm going to get, shouldn't I stop trying?
    Maybe I just don't want to stop trying.
    I've found my Prince Charming, but he's after another Cinderella.

    . . .

    Boys don't have cooties.
    We're not little girls anymore.

    These fairytales are murder.
    It's tearing me apart.
    This broken heart isn't pretend...

    . . .

    I'll be that little girl again, if he will bring me my fairytale.