• How Many Times...

    How many times do I try to fly,
    And I fall?
    How many times do I try to find my way,
    And I fail?
    How many times do I cry,
    And no one is there to comfort me?

    How many times do I have to see,
    People suffer right before my eyes?
    How much longer will I be alone,
    And feel that my world is crashing down?
    How many times have I fought,
    And lost?

    Then you came,
    And helped me fly.
    You came to me,
    And showed me the way.
    You were there,
    To comfort me when I needed you.

    You suffered for me,
    And I helped you.
    I am no longer alone,
    And my world’s not crashing down.
    You helped me fight,
    And win.

    ~Ember Rongiru