• I cry because i can,
    I cry and it's a sham.
    I cry about the dark things in life,
    I cry over all the strife.

    I cry 'bout me 'n you,
    I cry over the sky being blue.
    I cry because my life's a mess,
    I cry and have no rest.

    I cry and i'm tired of it,
    I cry because i'm afraid of s**t.
    I cry over the little things,
    I cry about a puppet's broken strings.

    I cry over shattered dreams,
    I cry about my busted seams.
    I cry and i'm running dry,
    I cry because i don't know why,

    All these things in my life,
    beatin' me down, givin' me strife
    causin' me pain no one can see,
    baby i'm glad you're still with me.
    Don't ever leave or let me go,
    'Cause if you do i'd blow,
    a hole in my body,
    to match the one in my heart.

    I love you so much, so let's never part.