• I hope you're happy with her

    I hope she can be there for you

    I hope you someday see her double face

    If not, I hope she's true.

    I hope you get your happy ending

    I hope you learn to see

    There's a world beyond the one you know

    If your comfort zone you leave

    You don't need someone to hold your hand

    Though I'd like if it was me

    There's really not a lock on your heart

    Though I'd love to hold the key

    So I hope she makes you happy

    Though I'll wish that I was her

    I've learned that I don't have to cry

    When things go a way I don't prefer

    For that's the hardest part of love

    That's the longest mile

    To wish him well and say goodbye

    And do it with a smile

    And that's the painful truth of life

    The kind that makes you cry

    The only true eternal is

    The good dreams always die.