• you might be a heartbreaker
    but you're still human
    you might break hearts
    but you still have one
    an unused one
    like a newborn with no sense
    you just don't know how to use it
    what it's capable of
    how it's capable of saving you
    how it keeps you alive and threatens your life
    heart's already have trouble beating.. they shouldn't work overtime

    i have you to thank for that

    and when i forget your face for good
    will you reapper just because you miss my tears

    i bet you would

    i know you would..

    what good does it do you to lie
    to someone who tells the truth
    what good does it do you to try
    to break someone down who's built living proof
    that what goes around comes around

    do i look dumb to you
    weak to you
    does the peroxide fool you?
    are you playing games
    because your mom didn't sing you lullaby's/is that why?

    don't terrorize my heart
    unless you're ready to be fought
    don't just swear you care
    it's against the law

    you've said you've loved me more times than i can count

    you've shown it fewer times than i care to pout

    why don'tcha
    push me on a swing
    put the period on my diary's unfinished sentences
    and lay me down to sleep
    and let me die to the taste of your kiss

    i want to die on you, that's right
    i want you to finally want me
    so i can die on you

    i want you to feel my death

    i want you to kiss my last breath

    call me sick, Nick, but I want it.