• Sounds of feet crunching, walking all alone
    To those who have no one, nothing feels like home
    Cold wind bites at their cheeks, Shadows highlight their fears
    At least the icicles on their faces are no longer tears
    Fingers have gone numb, all feeling gone astray
    To them it doesn't matter cause their hands felt nothing anyway
    Not a soul could find where they laid to sleep
    Over the cries of the wind none could hear them weep
    A few more steps and they would have come face to face
    He had nothing, she was alone, both out of place
    If he would ahve cried out, she would have saved him
    if she hadn't gave up maybe they could have been
    Dawning on summer, after springs first glow
    Two unknown lovers were found in the snow
    He was rich, she had her siblings and her pa
    Her heart was lonely and his had nothing at all
    Their hearts were broken, frozen by the cold
    When they were found their stories were told
    He had reached out, one hand from the strife
    She had too, their hands clasped together at the end of life
    In the end, frozen and dying
    They were found smiling, no traces of crying