• Letting go isn't as easy as it sounds.
    Memories attach themselves and have a hard time releasing.
    Old feelings also have a hard time ceasing.
    We wish it was as easy as just spitting out a command.
    "Stop. Forget. Move on."
    It doesn't work.
    Because we are humans and thats not the way we operate.
    It takes time.
    And most of us aren't patient.
    We want it now.
    It doesn't matter how.
    It just needs to happen.
    Letting go also takes effort.
    When memories apear, we must make our minds clear.
    We constantly must remind ourselves of our goal.
    Our goal is to not be stuck.
    We don't want to be a continual rut.
    We have dreams to fufill.
    New memories to create.
    A better tomorrow to initiate.
    Letting go is never simple.
    But letting go is a new beginning.