• Anxiety Twist

    My reflection returns as a shadow of someone else;

    First anxiety,

    Walking home in the pouring rain, when a prey lurked close behind me,

    Second Anxiety

    Being home alone with no one to hold, the knob twists,

    Third Anxiety

    No one suspected this,
    A growing pain grew through my thoughts,
    Dreamless nights, and endless nightmares,
    Insomnia growing on my mornings, and nights turning into days,
    Home alone for the first time, only sitting in front of my bathroom mirror,
    Home alone, and the doorknob twists,
    Holding on for my dear life, Was this real or was I imagining it?
    As I wept I rose from this gaping terror,
    I escaped from this dark abyss,
    When the shadows brought mystified horror,
    I stared into its reflecting eyes and heard its roaring hiss,
    Now I am stronger than ever,
    With a blink of an eye, I became fearless,
    Its hiss turned into its last whelp and disappeared from my mind,
    Who knew that this darkness growing inside of me was mine?