• My castle was forged from hate and love.
    It is guarded by emotions,
    Protected by a shell if deep insecurity.
    Trust and Respect are the monarchs that rule my kingdom
    Their laws are absolute
    And I have abided by their rules for many years.

    The shell had created itself
    Oppression and Depression became my foes.
    Alcoholism from my father nearly toppled my castle
    And his, but Fate saved us.

    Oppression from strangers,
    Oppression from family,
    Oppression is what I am most guarded from.
    I know what the feeling is of being ignored,
    Or being hated is like.

    Depression causes my castle to faulter
    I must be careful,
    Always careful
    Before Depression takes it down.

    My castle on any given day
    Shines on with the cosmos
    Sending a little light to other Monarchies.
    They accept my light or reject it,
    But my Castle will shine on.
    It can not shine at its brightest
    Because of my shell.

    I must learn to forgive more,
    To love more,
    To live more
    To break my shell for
    My Castle's light is one to be seen by all.