• My breathing,
    Tides rolling in and out,
    Crashing, gasping,
    Slowly to and away from shore,
    In, out,
    Paced and drifting.
    By night waters still,
    Waters calm,
    No longer a need for waves,
    Breathing slows,
    Breathing eases.
    Waters sparkle under moonlight.
    Against the mountains,
    Trying to hold on,
    Too much compression,
    Not enough space, air,
    I need air.
    Squished, forcing to breathe faster.
    A drought,
    Dry, cracking,
    Cannot swallow,
    No more water to run through,
    I thirst for cold,
    I thirst for wet.
    Water dirties,
    Breathing ill,
    Coughing, hacking,
    Muddy mess,
    Life inside is dying.
    Falling from the heavens,
    Purify the Earth,
    Make life grow,
    From what is left of me,
    My last request,
    Before the clouds dry,
    Purify this Earth.