• It all started on that Saturday.
    That Saturday when we talked
    Sure we were just friends before.
    That Saturday we talked it just clicked.

    That friendship I knew we had was going to be more.
    I knew that you loved me.
    And I love you back.
    But when was it going to happen?

    A month later you asked me
    I told you that I can’t. I have someone.
    But you wouldn’t leave it at that
    You just talked to me
    And that was enough
    I broke it with the other guy to be with you.

    Awhile later you broke my heart.
    But what did I do?
    I came back to you
    And now we love each other more

    Now you’re breaking my heart again.
    I am crying and praying for you.
    I’m hoping and praying that you.
    What is it you’re asking me…
    You’re dieing.

    Huh you’re dieing.
    You know you are dieing,
    You just are to stubborn to get help
    “I can cure my self” you say to me
    And I say “Ha! This isn’t one thing you cannot cure”

    Do you know what you dieing to me means?
    It means that I can never meet you….
    Never talk again….
    Never touch……
    Never kiss……
    Never love…….
    Never visit places……
    Never a first…..
    Never again.
    The day after I found out you where dieing
    I was crying.
    I sat there waiting for you with a wet face.
    I didn’t bother to do any work
    All I did was think about you.

    Now as I write this
    I hope that none of this will happen.
    I want to see you…..
    To touch you...
    To kiss you...
    To love you...
    To visit places with you…
    To be with you now and till forever.

    If you die
    Apart of me dies
    So all I ask of you
    Is to stay alive.