• They get nothing yet give all they have.
    Wish for something but never have it at all.
    left alone.
    Sick and tierd.
    With nothing to hold.
    Being 12 and having to grow up to give your brothers and sisters a child-hood when they never got one of there own.
    No school,Food,clean water.
    Yet they give all they can and do all they can to become a better person.
    Being a mom,dad,brother or a sister, and still having to be a child.
    We ack like are lifes are the worst and we have nothing yet to them we have it all.
    Why can they give all they have and we tend to give nothing at all.
    They can look at a family and see all the good and we can only see that bad.
    They look for the light,we hide in the dark.
    They dont count on the bad but on the good.So what do we count on?

    To the kids in Africa