• I’ve been hiding this for so long
    No one can tell the difference
    I’ve created the perfect barrier
    And no one can get through
    People have tried to know the real me
    But always seem to fail
    They always give up
    Just as I’m about to give in
    And this is why I’ve learned
    Not to let them in

    But now it seems that it must come to an end
    My mask of happiness is crumbling before me
    Soon there will be nothing left
    I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up
    Without someone realizing the true face that lies behind
    I know they wouldn’t understand
    Everything I’ve been through
    As soon as they learn the true me
    They’ll leave
    They always do

    Why can’t I ever rely on anything?
    Why must I always be proved wrong?
    Why must everyone believe this façade,
    Without any doubts of what’s really going on?
    I’ve done nothing to deserve this hell I’m living in
    Nothing to deserve their constant wrongs
    So why does everything in this world scream at me
    “You belong”

    I wonder what people would think if they saw the real me
    The one who has all these dark thoughts
    The one who often contemplates suicide and other ways out
    But never has the guts to go through with it
    Would they say that I need help?
    Would they say it’s a natural thing to go through?
    Or would they just turn away
    As if I was never there to begin with?
    On second thought I just don’t care

    I don’t care if people find me weird for thinking what I do
    I don’t care if people stay away from me
    As if afraid I’ll turn on them at any moment
    I don’t need them
    I like it on my own
    Or at least that’s what I tell them
    While inside I’m breaking down

    So now I watch as my world comes tumbling down
    And watch the changes that I see taking place in my ‘friends’
    They leave me here alone to fend for myself
    And as I watch I fall to my knees and cry
    I don’t want them to leave me
    I don’t want to be alone
    Don’t listen to what I say
    Don’t leave me

    And now their gone

    Maybe what they say is true
    Ignorance is bliss