• If you are reading this
    I am now in the land of bliss
    Singing with the angels up above
    Harmonies of peace and love

    I lye at the bottom of the lake
    Never again to awake
    My heart will no longer beat
    But one day our souls shall meet

    Yes I took my life
    But not with a knife
    I chose our special place
    Where I first saw your face

    Why did I decide to leave?
    Because I felt deceived
    When you said fare well
    And left me alone to dwell

    On all the memories of you and me
    Now death has finally set me free
    From all the pain I had to endure
    Death was truly my only cure

    I could not bare a life without you
    I couldn’t forget how our love was true
    My last wish for my sake
    Is to remain here in the lake

    The girl with no heart

    I confess to her heart break
    But now I must join her for my sake
    I miss her sweet embrace
    I will go to our special place

    And if anyone is reading this
    I am now in the land of bliss
    With my dear up above
    Forever and always we shall be in love

    The guy who stole her heart