• I'm the killer inside your smile,
    The shadow you tread upon,
    I'm the blood that fills your lungs,
    And grins as you begin to choke,

    You're approaching a disaster,
    Behind this solid wall of lies,
    Where I'll sigh and cross my heart,
    To break you into pieces in the end,

    I can't stop myself from dying,
    Not with the thrill it gives each time,
    And hello, my future king, rule over,
    This darkened fantasy of mine,

    It's one thing to laugh and say,
    And another to have said and done,
    Since I'm calling to say hello,
    Won't you reconsider and answer,

    If I just want what I can't have,
    And if I smile, from ear to ear,
    It's simple to see an obvious truth,
    I could kill you a million times over,

    I'm drawing nearer to these,
    Fading feelings of devotion,
    In time I'll have brushed aside,
    The growing pains and guilt from this,

    If I have to let you go, please know,
    That no one else will ever have,
    Since I have finally lost my prize,
    Inside this sick game we're playing,