• Pausing within the steps of time
    I looked back
    And took a trip
    Down memory lane

    I walk this solitary road
    Determined to reach the beginning
    Yet lights dim and shadows grow
    As the trail extends, seemingly never-ending

    On the way
    I passed a memory of you
    I paused
    And fell in love all over again

    I took my heart out from my sleeve
    Gave it to you, "it's fragile, like you won't believe"
    Yet as I placed it in your translucent hand
    I knew then, on the floor it would land

    Frantically I gather the broken pieces
    And offer them to you
    Hoping and praying
    You'll know my feelings are still true

    Yet you gently moved me aside
    The empty husk of me that's left
    You moved on to the next moment
    And all I have left
    Are those pieces on the pavement