• I'm walking beside you; A fake smile blinds you
    And you're lost in your own illusion.
    This trick is killing me; This bliss is obviously
    A pathetic way to cope with confusion.

    You know you will always fail at creating a paradise.
    You tear off your wings, ignorant of your devastating sacrifice.

    Your Fantasy is drifting away.
    Reality is slaughtering your world.
    But you keep keep traveling hopelessly
    To the non-existent Cloud Nine.
    Es gibt keine Wolke Neun (There is no Cloud Nine)

    You believe misfortune is a lie; Instead of listening you would rather die.
    Do you think you're the only one dying inside?
    You're not invincible; You're not invisible.
    Hell's flames are the worst place to hide.

    Humans are not immune to the tragedies of this land.

    Your Fantasy is burning away.
    Reality is laughing at your world.
    Are you done traveling carelessly?
    There is no Cloud Nine.
    Face this evil and stop running.
    Es gibt keine Wolke Neun.