• Friendship is like a ring
    that doesn't have an ending.
    This relationship is one of the best
    and not like the rest.

    Friends will always keep you tight
    unless you're on a fight.
    They will talk to you,
    even if they’re irritated at you.

    Friends will never let you down,
    especially when you’re going to drown.
    They’re like your shadow,
    because you’ll always see them follow.

    It’s your birthday!
    Oh…I’m sure they’ll make
    something like (baking) a cake!

    Tomorrow, open your eyes
    and see the paradise.
    Friends are just somewhere…
    I’m sure they can be seen anywhere!

    Now as I sleep soundly tonight,
    I know that I have a reason to live.
    It’s my friends who will fight for my right
    and who could always “give”.