• Too true, too true, I guess I forgot,
    So what? It’s just one mistake!
    No, of course there’s nothing wrong.
    There‘s no mistakes left for me to make.

    The lies, the lies, the guilty fear,
    It drives me nearly insane:
    Seeing your face when I know you know,
    Knowing I can’t explain.

    So what if we all know I can’t stop?
    So what if we all know I’m stuck?
    You try to convince me all of it’s wrong,
    So far you’ve had no luck.

    I just hate to think that you have seen
    How weak that I become
    When I give in to my craving.
    When I see what it has done.

    Now I’m just a whisper,
    Of the person I used to be.
    I know I’m addicted. I know I’m lost.
    I just wish that you could help me.