• How can I see?
    How can I dream?
    Will I fly?
    Or will I die?

    Guiding Light,
    with endless might,
    Steals my sight,
    to endless night,
    I wander

    I see your eyes,
    My blood flows,
    as cold as ice,
    Seeking your

    The rose of bliss,
    I will stand
    Holding your hand

    Until our lives are gone and love is lost.

    My eyes,
    See naught but lies
    I await,
    As you create

    This storm,
    You will bring forth

    As hollow screams and blood will flow again.

    Soon we will return here,
    Death rises and draws near
    War with Heaven rise, and
    Tear this world of lies out.

    With my love at my side,
    In war will be my bride
    Madness torn asunder!

    Now, we have our war,
    It will rage, forevermore
    Guiding Light, burn oh so bright
    Now you die,
    To grant me life, eternal.

    Die!! Die out at last!!
    With my love, this shell I cast,

    Mad, the light is gone,
    In the dark, for we have won

    Our madness lives and in the dark we're wed...