• -And like a mirror with reflections on broken ends,
    Looking ahead while you're living in past tense.
    And the way that you still dig up the repressed:
    Those tragic memories are killing us both again.

    We began with the breaking of hearts.
    Step on the pieces and the crumbling parts.
    My words don't cut you're this way.
    So here's my knife because I came here to repay.

    Is that the way it goes?
    Are you a part of this?
    The way you say those words,
    make you seem out of it.
    A mark beneath the skin...
    You've cut me once again.
    The way you try to sell
    every word and phrase,
    tells me you'll never know
    the real weight of my pain.
    "Say that while meaning this.
    Using hands for emphasis."

    A hole in my defense.

    So cold beneath this bed.

    You'd like to think that i'm a mess.
    And you're what's keeping me from death.
    But nothing's left for me here.
    "Your parallels and silly games"
    Band-aids on a severed vein.
    All in vain. [All the same]

    Is that the way you show,
    that I'm a part of this?
    An endless spray of words
    go with those violent fits.
    You might as well confess.
    I've caught you once agin.
    Its in the way you throw,
    every word and phrase.
    Like i could never know,
    and you will never pay.
    It doesn't hurt, I'll admit.
    The tears are for emphasis.

    You won't break me again.

    Let's not try to pretend.