• Jessica,
    Eyes searching
    For a friendly soul
    Looking for someone
    To talk,to sing,to call
    Everyone had everyone yet you had no one
    While people go on their way
    A girl wants to run
    Crying for herself to sleep at night
    Praying for someone to say
    The words she always wanted to hear
    Words that she would never hear...
    Jessica I'm sorry
    The world is so cruel
    I'm sorry nobody was there to listen
    Your shouts,your screams,your call
    Jessica,maybe some day we can be friends
    Maybe that someday is already in the past
    Jessica,I am sorry I was too late
    The day you called your last.
    Jessica,I hope you are listening
    To these words you always wanted to hear
    But never did,
    Jessica,hope you are listening...
    I will never leave you.
    Friends forever,just you and me.
    I will be there to listen to you,
    And to say the words you always wanted to hear:
    I am your friend
    A moment too late
    I'm sorry I wasn't there
    I tried,I tried
    To go against fate,
    But it wouldn't let me
    Until it was to late
    To say the words you want to hear.

    I'm sorry,Jessica.
    I'll be leaving you until one of us dissapears.