• I look at you and I see that you care
    You give me the smile of a thousand happiness
    Something that i've been longing for
    Something that i've been waiting for years
    Your smile, makes me happy
    Your giggle makes me soft
    Your way to talk transports me to infinity.

    Oh, but must I suffer the love that will never be
    You still don't know it and hopefully you never will
    The fact that you make me happy just to be next to me,
    It doesn't matter if it is for a second.

    We will never be together,
    I know this for obvious reasons
    I don't want to get hurt
    And you will never see me as more than a friend.

    Why must I punish myself,
    I jump a hole just to fall in another one,
    Do I like getting hurt?
    Or is it the fact that i'm stupid?

    All I want you to know is that you make me happy
    And I thank you, I thank you for being yourself
    I thank you for making me happy,
    But I blame myself for the suffering.