• You never really know the pain, you only try to understand. You spend your life with a clean slate, all happily ever after. Then once you find that person, in which you love so much, you feel as thought life doesnt matter outside there loving touch. Then something happens, there fault or yours, which ends this love you thought would last forever, it shatters into a million pieces, your heart, now severed. Now the whole world starts to blur, are you dying, or crying to much?
    You spend you life in lovers agony, you feel as though you'll never find something as good as your lost love. Then your heart meands, and the pieces fit back together, as if they were never broken. You erase your slate and start over.
    You put up a front, you try to believe, to be strong for yourself. Then you see that lost love walk on past you, with no look, no smile, no touch. You wonder why they dont seem to care, or miss you lthat much. But on the inside they might miss you, covered by a front, like your own. Now they are the enemy or as it may seem. you gossip, trash talk, act stuck up whenever they're around. But your crying inside and you'll never stop that acheing, wretching pain. So it seem that no matter how many lost loves you may have, they linger in your soul. They may be gone but the memory wont be, there will always be that hole. So dont remember your lost love as somebody evil, or bad. Remmeber them as the person, that makes your current love your best, they will never be your lost love, or your wost love. But the love that made you feel loved, special, wanted and secure,
    Forever exists as your love, your lost and or gained. For if it was truly love not lust, it shall linger forever as a memory of true love. If you may find it again, or not, just remember you had it, and it will always exist inside.