• This pulsing sensation,
    All around me, I'm alone.
    a toning vibration,
    moves me in its tone.

    I feel its power,
    I kneel in its wake.
    I linger for an hour,
    and feel the earth shake.

    I absorb this feeling,
    This golden flame come fourth.
    I close my eyes, I'm kneeling.
    circle winds come and morph.

    wind breezes through,
    fire burns ablaze.
    with this power I will power too,
    so that the dead may raise.

    the air thickens,
    the ground shakes.
    I am in control now,
    And all this power that he makes.

    I open my eyes,
    my eyes glow blue.
    fire consumes my lies,
    and makes all true.

    I am pure now,
    none can touch me.
    to him all knees shall bow,
    oh how my fiery eyes see.

    my power so strong,
    his presence so thick.
    We sing you a song,
    and now your not sick.

    the pressure that we have,
    it forces you to the ground.
    we point our finger to you and laugh,
    now we may move around.

    his presence is the fire,
    his love his the fuel.
    how dare you call me a liar,
    how dare you call me a fool!

    it rains gold,
    in it i take my shower.
    our power is bold,
    for death and decay can't touch us this hour.

    Ashes are caught in the wind as it circles me,
    our power raises me into the air.
    I rise up high for all to see,
    to all this power you may share.

    i awaken from this vision,
    i know that it was your call.
    without you i cannot make a decision,
    without you, I'm not at all.

    i thank you, o lord, for this new affection,
    i know that I am so low.
    i call to you my lord for direction,
    and you say back to me "Go"