You know I’m not done
    It is time to sin
    Or its time to win

    Looking through my past!!!
    Enduring through the present!!!
    And preparing for the Future!!!

    You know I’m not dead
    You can’t kill me yet

    I still have to strive
    Still have things to see
    I Still Have To Survive.
    And I still have something I have to be.

    You know I’m still alive!!!!!

    No matter how many times
    You’ve tried to put me to rest
    I live through my crimes
    And put you to the test

    I’m living proof
    Of perseverance through determination
    And in death I will be evidence
    That it’s never enough

    But I’m not looking for salvation
    I am just waiting
    To talk to you again

    Cause I know
    That they can’t kill me

    They can’t keep me down
    No not for long

    I am about to break free.
    Unleash everything inside
    Just show them how mean I can really be.
    But when you’re around it will hide.

    But I won’t Die!!!!!

    Cause They can’t kill me!!!

    Because I have that in which they Envy.
    And it’s driving them
    Into insanity.

    So I laugh as I see this
    And I marvel at you
    Cause I know

    It’s you that makes it
    So they can’t kill me

    It’s you that makes it
    So I won’t Die.

    You know I’m not done yet.
    It’s time to sin
    And it’s time to win

    And with you by my side
    How could I lose?