• You're nice, you're kind,
    You're tall, you're handsome,
    Your smile make me happy
    Your frown make me worry

    I think about you everyday
    I met you in most of my dreams
    One night I wake up,
    And realize...I have quietly fall for you ...
    Along time ago.

    Then one day, my friend tells me
    "OMG Did you know that William likes Anna..."
    I try to smile and pretend to be happy
    Because I know she's perfect for you.

    She's better than me
    Much much better than me
    Compare to her I'm nothing
    It's not that I don't have confidence
    But because she's too perfect
    Just like you.

    Even though I known you like her
    But dont know why I still like you
    And I wish no one will know
    Except me crying