• Oh...Why am I stuck in this enclosed chamber? Why do I have to stick around in here for what feels like long, sleepy years? I hate being stuck in these four walls...stuck under a big ebony raincloud puring with rain? Then after the rain...comes the thunder!

    Why does that feeble-minded idiotic monster keep me trapped in this bottomless chasm? The monster is constantly constellated with me! Oh, what is a doomed person like me to do? I am always usually contrifugal to the things i most want to do because of IT.

    I need out. Out of this bottomless chasm and into the caucasoid! I am a human being too, just like everyone around you, monster! I can not take it anymore, I am going to explode with anger and depression!! The monster needs to sort himself out or he is gonna end up in trouble with my sore fist and more!

    To make things a little better for my world, people; lets form a ceilidth! Because it is inenluctable. So lets make a gathering on my catafalque...for meadows of heaven may no longer exist, maybe, for me...