• My eyes feel heavy,
    my heart feels cold,
    my spirit feels drowned,
    and encased in stone,
    without you I feel alone,
    my heart aches,
    my head throbs,
    I feel dead inside,
    without you i ccould not survive,
    your my life,
    you hold my heart,
    when i feel shattered apart,
    you make me complete,
    in this broken world,
    your laughter lights up the darkest room,
    your hair is softer than the light of the moon,
    your eyes could soften even steel,
    this doesn't even begin to explain how I feel,
    you make me smile with the lightest touch,
    my heart quickens,
    my head feels light,
    my stomach does backflips,
    when your by my side, '
    to be honest I'd say,
    Im in love with you.