• I am the wall
    I watch, never interfere
    To observe and be content
    Can’t touch, only see
    Only hear, so I hear
    And thus feel, No
    Forget it
    I said I wouldn’t
    Damn it!
    I am solid, I am stone
    From my view
    I see fear, I see pain
    I see scars, I hear screams
    I feel blame
    No! I shelter
    I protect
    And reach out
    To comfort
    Only to find I have no arms
    No voice, no warmth
    What good am I?
    I only know, only stone
    Don’t come to me!
    You now cause me pain
    And thus I crumble
    As all walls do, No!
    I chose to fade
    Chose to be your grave
    For I am stone
    I shall forever and forever
    Shelter you.