• i have a best friend
    that friend came in my life
    my friend got
    me feeling gud
    like i was on cloud 9
    like there was nothing to worry
    or to be sad bout
    my friend made me feel so happy i was smiling
    and laughing like i did once
    and 4 once i felt gud
    really gud
    like wow
    it was an undesirable feeling
    that i never felt be4 in my life
    i had no pain
    and i wasnt sad
    i was just plan happy
    nothing on that day could of brought be down
    at all
    but it got me thinking
    how long is my friend going
    to stay here with me
    and will this friendship last
    then the next day my best freind was gone
    nowhere to be found
    all the gud feeling i had was gone
    and once again everything came back
    all the mest up feelings id get
    i wanted my friend to stay
    i wanted this friendship to last forever
    but it didnt
    now all i want is more and more
    i need to feel that feeling that i had