• The silence encasing your soul
    The peaceful aura making you scream
    The beauty makes you sick
    You want blood
    Murder and deathly scents
    This meadow to burn
    Those animals to die
    Your laugh to break this never ending silence
    This chaos to fill ever corner of your mind

    Admit it
    Admit what?
    Admit what you want
    Admit what you need

    Go on and pick up the blade
    Cut the words of your pain into your flesh


    Bleed out the sorrow till you're numb
    Slip under the wave of death
    Lock the doors to your soul
    Fall into the endless void

    Cry it out
    Salt mixing with metal
    Tears mixing with blood
    Gives it more of a sting
    Pleasure in pain isn't it good
    To mar your perfect skin
    Etched with words you'd never guess on one so innocent

    Raise your hand to the light
    And block it out of sight
    Blood dripped onto rapidly paling skin
    Falling into silken raven locks

    Death watching so close

    One more push
    One more cut
    One more step

    And you’re over the edge