• the world is shrieking to a stop
    everything will come to an end
    you me everything in time
    shall perish
    how we die decease
    is still unknown to all of us
    what do we live for
    if we're all gonna die
    maybe tomorrow
    maybe right now
    who knows maybe even in 5 years
    me my time is somewhere near
    but dieing isn't something i fear
    for it seems peaceful
    the goodbyes the ends
    you fall asleep never to awaken
    sleep forever
    and ever
    until your nothing but a pile of bones
    hidden underneath the peaceful ground
    do not be afraid of sleeping
    for it shall come
    then you will realize
    what i have
    it must happen
    it can't be stopped
    let it come
    free and wild
    make you fall