• Has one ever been so angry, so enraged, that you lose sight of what the cause was?

    Rage is like a thrill... it empowers you, guides you, invites you to release this intoxicating energy into action. You think of nothing but vengeance, a motive to equalize the equation and restore balance in your favor. You may think irrationally, may carry no sense in your actions, but you act because the Rage beckons you to.

    It is a poison, friends, a poison capable of turning the most composed of us all into savage fools. I will say now that I am so enraged towards an individual that I cannot control myself. My hands, my feet, my entire being moves into motion. I cannot control myself, control what was myself.

    What could possibly overcome hatred? What could overcome this building, powerful force we have labeled as 'Rage'? An apology is out of the question, for to be in such a state it would be ridiculous if it were as simple as saying two measly words. To be as angry, as furious as I am now, I cannot govern my actions into rational thought.

    With every breath, every destructive thought, the world is gone and only my objective clear. I may applaud my efforts or regret my decisions, neither are enough to consider with my clouded mind. The momentum is pushing me forward and I willingly pull along. There is no stopping me, no stopping this motion of ignorance, this wave of furious energy.

    Rage beyond reason, reason beyond doubt, doubt beyond thought.