• Sit in the darkness
    And growing hate.
    Contempt leaves you breathless;
    Secrets leave you worn.
    My heart yearns to bring you light,
    But past wrongs can never be made
    We both lay in rage,
    The shadows clouding our eyes.
    Pity we could not realize
    The pain we brought.
    It burns me to look
    In the reflection of myself,
    For I know a monster looks back.
    Shatter all the glass;
    Shatter what is left of our
    I cannot breathe,
    I cannot escape.
    Let me bleed
    So I'll know if I'm alive.
    The world shuns us
    As we shun one another.
    We are together as outcasts,
    But alone as the moon.
    Just as pale,
    Just as cold,
    Just as dark.
    What is life to be
    If we can never live?
    It all is shattered in the end,
    Nothing but broken peices left