• "..day I turned to glass...." I heard a faint murmur of the radio I left on overnight.
    I rolled my eyes open. My room looked a little different today. It looked like it was... polished.
    Wait, polished? I jumped out of bed and a sharp pain went up through my leg. I stared down at my toes and looked at it. I saw my reflection. I saw a clear figure in my foot.
    "AAGGGHHH!!!" I screamed and fell back on my bed. This must be a dream. Yes, I dream. I'll just pinch myself and look back at my toes. It'll be fine. I tried to pinch my arm but it scratched loudly. Oh NO. I was officially glass. Woah. I dressed up in brown cargo pants and threw on a red shirt. Grabbing my book-bag, I ran through the door, not letting my mother look at the clear figure dash.
    "Hey Jake!" I glanced behind me and there was Victor, my friend racing behind me.
    "Early start, huh?" He said passing me. He took one look at my face and scrambled on.
    Huh? Was I still glass?
    On the bus everything went normally, I wasn't noticed as a glass person.
    "Jake, what do you think of this outfit?" Another friend Anna asked me. Hmm, the outfit was nice but I hate the ribbon. I was about to answer until she punched my arm.
    "You don't have to be so mean!" She slumped back. Huh? I didn't say anything.
    I suddenly realized I was glass. She could see right through me. What was happening?