• my love for you is so unexplainable
    My heart skips a beat every time you look in my eyes
    My love for you is like the ocean tide
    It will always be there but at different times
    My love for you is an emotion like no other
    My love for you is like foot print in my
    Heart as they are on the sand
    The emotion comes and goes
    You still can see the indent from them
    Through the day to day lifelessness I live
    My love for you is like the sunrise and sunset
    It is so beautiful and perfect that it is hard to explain
    The love I once felt for you is a lot like the love you have for her
    The memories we shared
    Time we spent
    Tears I cried
    The time I will never get back
    In the end I realized that you are better off as a
    Memory that I wish I could relive
    The time we spent
    And every tear I cried was just another
    look at how much I loved you