• Abstraction and Our (sic.) Infinite Universe

    Aren’t we a group of infinite order,
    somehow unable to generate ourselves?
    We are aware that our powers are insufficient
    even as we watch them extend as tiny filaments towards a horizon.
    Even then, we know.

    Things slip like dark materials from our small hands.
    You see, even one microsecond after the explosion things we already beyond us.
    Yet, we subdivide that time into intervals approaching zero,
    providing structure yet realizing that that structure will never provide solutions.
    Even knowing, we persist.

    All we create is the non-space of ideas,
    though, we create them infinitely.
    In our closed rooms we abstract successors,
    moving far higher then anything that actually existed.
    We fail to comprehend the magnitude of our clever trick.
    We discovered ambrosia and ate hamburger.
    We quit Eden for Chicago.
    We elected for infinite space instead of love.
    We didn’t fall. We

    But yet, we are finite magicians,
    playing in ever expanding space and ever regressing time,
    only to find ourselves conquerors of an empire we don’t understand.
    Like the great white gods who walked into the empty city.
    Like a child given too many toys.