• Waiting, waiting for such a long time.
    And then, you came out of nowhere.
    Meet you through another person.
    Was supposed to be our friend.
    He liked me..or so I thought.

    You had trouble, and I helped you.
    You said you fell for me.
    Only a week later after I met you.
    I thought you were nice.
    I was having my own trouble too.

    Things weren't going well with him.
    It was over before I knew it.
    You were mad at her.
    That was over as well.
    But we had each other.

    We found each other through another.
    I asked you why you even liked me.
    You said you liked my voice.
    It was embarrassed me.
    It made me happy.

    I would never say.
    That I was falling for you too.
    I was tired of the heartbreak.
    I was still having trouble.
    But you didnt quite understand.

    For I would never tell you.
    Till it was to late to say.
    My heart breaking quietly inside.
    If you put your ear to it, you could hear it.
    Breaking ever so silently.

    But I found you.
    And I realized this one thing.
    That I needed you.
    I needed a friend who could be there.
    Someone who wouldn't hurt me.

    You were waiting as well.
    Just as happy as me.
    Just crushing me in your warmth.
    I couldnt remember the last time I felt like this.
    Not a memory of it.

    Just knowing I have you.
    And you having me.
    We are each others life.
    And you know what, and this is true,
    But I love you.