• Am I bad person?
    You exclaim I am.
    But are you certain?
    I mean, what did I do wrong?

    Is my smile your haunting dream?
    My happiness a thorn?
    A kindled spirit lost and alone
    Is far too much for one to bare?

    If that is the case answer me this:
    What is bad and what is good?
    Tell me the answer and all will be well.
    But then what is well and what is terrible?

    What makes something bad?
    The definition of good is what?
    If I follow your rules,
    Whatever they may be,

    Is that all it takes for me to be a good boy?
    For you to love me and hold me tight?
    For the punishments to stop
    And the confinement to end?

    If that is the case then give me the list.
    I don’t care what it may be.
    Just promise me you still have my place in your heart saved
    Forever and ever for when I return to your favor.

    But when is that?
    When will I ever be good enough for you?
    When will my attempts no longer be in vain
    No longer cause you so much pain?

    I concede to you, you were right,
    I was wrong, I failed you,
    No longer am I clouded from the truth,
    No longer am I fooled by naiviete.

    I'm sorry for my trouble,
    I should not have bothered.
    I should have known you would be happier
    With that pretty girl in your arms.

    In the end I was not enough,
    But I hope she might be,
    Might be the person I could never be.
    Never be the girl you could see.