• Tears fall from my face as I sit on my bed
    in this dark, empty, silent house.
    Why don't you care about me anymore?
    We used to be so close,
    as if our hearts were glued together,
    but now the glue is all dried up,
    no longer able to hold us.
    I've tried so many times to glue us
    back together, but the bottle is empty,
    and now my heart is broken into pieces
    from all of the sadness and lonliness.
    And I need you now, the one and only peson
    who can put it back together again, the right way.
    But even when I call your name,
    loud enough so that I'm sure you can hear me
    you don't come.
    So, I've stopped yelling,
    because I realize now that you don't hear my voice,
    it just echoes off the walls of this empty house.
    I wish you would realize how much this is
    hurting me.
    It's like I'm not even there, but I'm
    standing right next to you.
    Don't you see that your silence is killing me?
    That I just can't handle this anymore?
    Are you blind or do you just not care?
    Suddenly the pain in my chest stops
    and for a second I'm confused, but
    then I feel nothing.
    For you've broken my heart, which is now a small
    pile of ash in the bottom of my chest,
    the result of your neverending silence.