• Empty husks of the human beings they should've been

    No feeling; No sincerity

    They carry nothing and so they give nothing

    Zombie-like they wander the silent, crowded halls

    There is no smell of rancid sun baked corpses

    No falling of lean putrid limbs

    But the disgust---the horror is there

    Here in this prison;

    Here in this factory,

    We are made;

    Sucking out our souls and spitting out our remains

    We are the product of a dead and frozen society,

    Where emotions are as obsolete as the carcasses we put them in

    Go here, Shuffle there

    They do not think for themselves,

    For they have no mind to keep an indiviual thought

    Intelligence is as fleeting as the wind

    And like a caged parrot who is content to eat the seeds thrown at it,

    They mimick what they believe is life