• He suffered among all of us
    I saw him cry tears of blood
    I saw pain running through his veins
    My heart crashed when I saw him falling
    I felt the anger and hatred in his heart
    Raindrops fell in my eyes
    Or was it tears?
    During that day I saw his soul dying
    His heart made contact to mine
    He said "Don't cry, I will always be here."
    My love for him grew much long
    And I was glad
    For I was the one whom he saw during his last breath
    I cried to him, "I Love You,"
    Then I heard him whisper, "I Love You Too."
    Oh how I loved that moment, but I also hated it
    On the next day, another man appeared before me
    But I will be loyal to you my love,
    Because my feelings for you never dies