• here i ly in my bed,
    and here i ly because i said.
    it's fine with me,
    do as you like,
    but honestly i hate you inside,
    but more then hating you i hate me ,
    because i let you go,
    and that is what is keeping me from being free,

    you're all I think of,
    all day in night,
    too me,
    there is no other girl in sight.

    yet here i stand watching you and him,
    still i stand here and wish him to sin,
    for it is not my fault i want him to die,
    i just don't wish to cry.

    there is two thing to save me from this hell
    only two to brake the spell
    one is a quick death
    the other is you, i bet

    i remember just a few years ago
    i watch you date another soul
    i wasn't mad
    i can't be madd at you
    yet i still feel like a foul

    i just wanna have one last word
    and all i want is for you to know
    all i want is you
    and thats fur sure.