• The land of no bloom,
    is were the flowers grow,
    its very weird I know.

    The land of no bloom,
    were the flowers grow up to the moon,
    and I will tell you a story now,
    yes, very soon.

    I used to live in land of no bloom,
    were the air smelt of honey,
    and petals fell on the grass,
    and everyone was loving and funny.

    But one day the flowers had grown so tall,
    there was no way they could stand up anymore,
    there was a great whoose and then a thump,
    and all my friends ran for the hills,
    and I had to live in a dump!

    The houses were trashed,
    and the cars were thrashed,
    and I just felt so sad and thought,
    this really is the land of no bloom,
    and so I cyred and cyred,
    and all of a sudden,
    very quickly indeed,
    the flowers started growing up again one by one,
    and started to grow to the moon,
    and that was the land of no bloom!