• life is hard and depressing,
    for those who say it's not wake up from your dreams,
    the world around me is falling apart,
    i thought it would change as i grew older,
    yet all age did was bring more pain,
    my heart has been torn apart by the one's i love,
    my soul is worn and tired,
    my body has almost reached it's limit,
    and my mind has broken,
    i have reached the bring of insanity,
    i have no way of ever going back,
    does anyone really, truly care,
    or does everyone just pity me,
    i wish my life was different,
    but now i must live with the pain,
    my limits have been pushed and i dont have much left to give,
    if my life ends then maybe the world will be just that much better,
    with me gone then the world could just forget,
    yet this will not happen,
    for i could never take my life,
    but if someone where to end it then i would be eternally grateful.